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Zerodha Margin Calculator

On Monday morning, at 9 A.M., Mr. Agarwal (an intraday trader) settled himself to have a look on pre-market session. It gives him a good idea of what he should buy or sell, once the market takes off at 9:15 A.M. With the help of pre-market analysis, Mr. Agarwal made a list of 5 stocks to buy and sell with a target price. He is sure of having sufficient money in his Demat account to execute all trades.

As soon as the market hour comes, Mr. Agarwal started putting trade orders. After putting 4 orders in a row, something went wrong. The system didn’t allow putting more orders.

What just happened?

Mr. Agarwal ran out of margin money. Being an intraday trader, he has to put all the trades in action to cover his possible losses from his profits. Without margin money, that’s simply not possible. But he was 100% sure of adequate money available in his account. How could he just end up with less money than required?

Because margin money changed with the change in stock price.

For e.g. you want to buy 10 shares of HDFC bank with a current market price of Rs. 2000 per share. You have Rs. 1600 in your demat account which is enough to buy 10 shares of HDFC bank on an intraday basis. Before buying, you wait to make sure price is going up. After 5 minutes, the price reached to Rs. 2010 giving you confirmation to buy it. But with the increase in price, margin amount also increased. Now you need Rs. 1650 Rs. buy 10 shares or get settled for buying 9 shares at Rs.1600.

Of course, you can go for any option as per your convenience. But do you have enough time for calculations?

For traders with targets of big quantity, this is a serious issue as they don’t have enough time to do calculations regarding how much shares they can buy with available amount. Also, they can’t put extra time in searching for Leverage available on particular stock so that they can be ready with required amount before taking a trade.

This is where Zerodha Margin calculator comes to the rescue.

What is Zerodha Margin Calculator? 

A calculator that lets you calculate margin money needed to execute trades. And, how many shares you can purchase with the available cash balance. Whatever you prefer.

Zerodha Margin Calculator helps you with all kinds of buying or selling exchange like Equity Intraday Purchase with available leverage on all shares, Equity delivery purchase to carry position overnight, Futures & Options, Equity Futures, Commodity, Currency, BO & CO. 

Why You Need Zerodha Margin Calculator?

You need it to make sure you don’t screw up like Mr. Agarwal during your highly-focused trading sessions.

Zerodha Margin Calculator comes with quick calculations of how much margin you need to take a trade. On a flip side, it calculate show many shares you can buy with the available balance. Plus, it reveals the leverage given on each share. This saves your plenty of time wasted behind trying out different quantity of shares to match with the available money in real-time.

Let’s say if Mr. Agarwal had used this calculator, he could have calculated the number of shares he can buy with the available amount. That is also, within a second saving himself from being stuck.

Zerodha keeps its calculator regularly updated with change in margins by SEBI, so you don’t have to worry about checking changes, took place, through other sources.

How to use Zerodha Margin Calculator with utmost Ease?

Using Zerodha Margin Calculator is as easy as having a sip of tea. Just put the amount you have and share price that you want to buy at. Within a second, it will give you the quantity of shares you can purchase with available amount.

Basic Glimpses of Equity Calculator

Image1 - Zerodha Margin Calculator

You can calculate all types of exchange buying or selling using Zerodha Margin Calculator. Let’s discuss each of them briefly.

1) Zerodha Margin Calculator for MIS (Intraday)

Let’s assume that you want to buy shares of Reliance on MIS (Intraday) basis and you have Rs.10,000 in your Demat account. Current price of Reliance is Rs.1200 per share.

For this transation, you need two details

  • Leverage available on Reliance Shares
  • How many shares you can buy for Rs. 10,000/-

There is atwo step process to get information on both which hardly takes more than half a minute.

Step 1: When you open Zerodha Margin Calculator, switch to Equity section,put Reliance in “Search” box where it tells you about leverage available.

Image2 - Zerodha Margin Calculator

Step 2: Click “Calculate”, located on the left side corner where it will ask for your available cash and price of share.

Put your cash balance in “Cash Available” section and current price of stock in “Stock Price Section”. You will get the number of shares, you can purchase with your available amount, merely within a second.

Image3 - Zerodha Margin Calculator

The final answer is you can buy 104 shares by risking Rs.10,000/- on Reliance shares.

Note: Zerodha offers you leverage till 3:20 pm. If you don’t sell shares before 3:30 pm, it auto-sells them at the exact time.

2) Zerodha Margin Calculator for CNC (Delivery)

Proceeding with similar example, this time you want to buy Reliance shares for more than one day and you are willing to spend Rs.10,000. As you know that for positions carried overnight, Zerodha doesn’t provide you any leverage.

So all you want to know how many shares you can purchase for more than one day at Rs.10,000?

Follow the same process of putting your cash balance and current price of shares.

Here’s you answer:

Image4 - Zerodha Margin Calculator

Well, you can buy 8 shares of Reliance at Rs. 10,000 for CNC.

3) Zerodha Margin Calculator for Future & Option (Positional)

Let’s assume that you want to buy 1 lot of Reliance Future on Positional basis and you have Rs.1,50,000 in your Trading account. Current price of Reliance is Rs.1200 per share.

For this transation, you need two details

  • Span Margin Required for 1 lot of Reliance Future
  • Exposure Margin Required for 1 lot of Reliance Future

There is a two step process to get information on both which hardly takes more than half a minute.

Step 1: When you open Zerodha Margin Calculator, switch to F&O section,put Reliance in “Search” box and select Futures Product add Net quantity

Image5 - Zerodha Margin Calculator

Step 2: Click “Calculate”, located on the left side corner where it will ask for Required Total Margin.

4) Zerodha Margin Calculator for Bracket Order And Cover Order

Bracket Order means buy/sell limit orders with a target and compulsory stop loss (with a trailing SL option)

With help of Bracket Order you will get higher leverage than normal trading using product type of MIS.

Step 1: When you open Zerodha Margin Calculator, switch to BO & CO section,put Reliance in “Search” box and select Equity Segment, add quantity to trade, Price , Buy or Sell and Finally select SL price

Image6 -Zerodha Margin Calculator

Step 2: Click “Calculate”, located on the left side corner where it will ask for Required Total Margin and leverage.

To Conclude
At last, you are getting a permanent solution to stick with one platform rather than jumping from here to there while wasting enormous time that can utilized in other analyzing activities.

Last updated: 22 Feb 2019

MIS (1x) allowed on all stocks except for those on this list.

#ScripCNC MultiplierMIS Multiplier
13MINDIA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
263MOONS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
3AARTIIND:EQ1x 3xCalculate
4ABAN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
5ABB:EQ1x 3xCalculate
6ABFRL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
7ACC:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
8ACE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
9ADANIENT:EQ1x 5xCalculate
10ADANIPORTS:EQ1x 5xCalculate
11ADANIPOWER:EQ1x 5xCalculate
12AIAENG:EQ1x 3xCalculate
13AJANTPHARM:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
14AKZOINDIA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
15ALBK:EQ1x 11xCalculate
16ALKEM:EQ1x 3xCalculate
17ALLCARGO:EQ1x 3xCalculate
18AMARAJABAT:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
19AMBUJACEM:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
20ANANTRAJ:EQ1x 3xCalculate
21APOLLOHOSP:EQ1x 5xCalculate
22APOLLOTYRE:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
23ARVIND:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
24ASAHIINDIA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
25ASHAPURMIN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
26ASHOKLEY:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
27ASIANPAINT:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
28ASTRAZEN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
29ATFL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
30ATUL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
31AUBANK:EQ1x 3xCalculate
32AUROPHARMA:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
33AUTOAXLES:EQ1x 3xCalculate
34AVANTIFEED:EQ1x 3xCalculate
35AXISBANK:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
36BAJAJ-AUTO:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
37BAJAJELEC:EQ1x 3xCalculate
38BAJAJFINSV:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
39BAJAJHLDNG:EQ1x 3xCalculate
40BAJFINANCE:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
41BALKRISIND:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
42BALRAMCHIN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
43BANCOINDIA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
44BANKBARODA:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
45BANKBEES:EQ1x 10xCalculate
46BANKINDIA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
47BATAINDIA:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
48BBTC:EQ1x 3xCalculate
49BEL:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
50BEML:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
51BERGEPAINT:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
52BFUTILITIE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
53BGRENERGY:EQ1x 3xCalculate
54BHARATFIN:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
55BHARATFORG:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
56BHARTIARTL:EQ1x 5xCalculate
57BHEL:EQ1x 5xCalculate
58BIOCON:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
59BLISSGVS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
60BLKASHYAP:EQ1x 3xCalculate
61BLUEDART:EQ1x 3xCalculate
62BOSCHLTD:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
63BPCL:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
64BRITANNIA:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
65BSE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
66CADILAHC:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
67CAMLINFINE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
68CANBK:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
69CANFINHOME:EQ1x 11.1xCalculate
70CAPACITE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
71CASTROLIND:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
72CDSL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
73CEATLTD:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
74CENTRUM:EQ1x 3xCalculate
75CENTURYPLY:EQ1x 3xCalculate
76CENTURYTEX:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
77CEREBRAINT:EQ1x 3xCalculate
78CESC:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
79CGCL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
80CGPOWER:EQ1x 5xCalculate
81CHENNPETRO:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
82CHOLAFIN:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
83CIPLA:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
84CNOVAPETRO:EQ1x 3xCalculate
85COALINDIA:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
86COCHINSHIP:EQ1x 3xCalculate
87COFFEEDAY:EQ1x 3xCalculate
88COLPAL:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
89CONCOR:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
90COROMANDEL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
91COX&KINGS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
92CRISIL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
93CROMPTON:EQ1x 3xCalculate
94CUB:EQ1x 3xCalculate
95CUMMINSIND:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
96CYIENT:EQ1x 3xCalculate
97DAAWAT:EQ1x 3xCalculate
98DABUR:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
99DALMIASUG:EQ1x 3xCalculate
100DBCORP:EQ1x 3xCalculate
101DBL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
102DCBBANK:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
103DCMSHRIRAM:EQ1x 3xCalculate
104DELTACORP:EQ1x 3xCalculate
105DEN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
106DHAMPURSUG:EQ1x 3xCalculate
107DHFL:EQ1x 4xCalculate
108DIAMONDYD:EQ1x 3xCalculate
109DISHTV:EQ1x 3xCalculate
110DIVISLAB:EQ1x 8.3xCalculate
111DIXON:EQ1x 3xCalculate
112DLF:EQ1x 8.3xCalculate
113DMART:EQ1x 3xCalculate
114DOLPHINOFF:EQ1x 3xCalculate
115DREDGECORP:EQ1x 3xCalculate
116DRREDDY:EQ1x 5xCalculate
117ECLERX:EQ1x 3xCalculate
118EICHERMOT:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
119EIDPARRY:EQ1x 3xCalculate
120EIHOTEL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
121ELECTCAST:EQ1x 3xCalculate
122EMAMILTD:EQ1x 3xCalculate
123ENDURANCE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
124ENGINERSIN:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
125EQUITAS:EQ1x 5.6xCalculate
126ERIS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
127EROSMEDIA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
128ESCORTS:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
129ESTER:EQ1x 3xCalculate
130EVEREADY:EQ1x 3xCalculate
131EXIDEIND:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
132FEDERALBNK:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
133FEL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
134FINCABLES:EQ1x 3xCalculate
135FORTIS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
136FRETAIL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
137GAIL:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
138GANECOS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
139GATI:EQ1x 3xCalculate
140GDL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
141GEPIL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
142GESHIP:EQ1x 3xCalculate
143GET&D:EQ1x 3xCalculate
144GHCL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
145GICHSGFIN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
146GICRE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
147GILLETTE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
148GLAXO:EQ1x 3xCalculate
149GLENMARK:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
150GLOBUSSPR:EQ1x 3xCalculate
151GMBREW:EQ1x 3xCalculate
152GMRINFRA:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
153GNA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
154GNFC:EQ1x 3xCalculate
155GODFRYPHLP:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
156GODREJAGRO:EQ1x 3xCalculate
157GODREJCP:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
158GODREJIND:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
159GODREJPROP:EQ1x 3xCalculate
160GOLDBEES:EQ1x 10xCalculate
161GPPL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
162GRANULES:EQ1x 3xCalculate
163GRASIM:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
164GREAVESCOT:EQ1x 3xCalculate
165GSFC:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
166GSKCONS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
167GSPL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
168GSS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
169GUJALKALI:EQ1x 3xCalculate
170GUJFLUORO:EQ1x 3xCalculate
171GUJGASLTD:EQ1x 3xCalculate
172HATHWAY:EQ1x 3xCalculate
173HAVELLS:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
174HBLPOWER:EQ1x 3xCalculate
175HCL-INSYS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
176HCLTECH:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
177HDFC:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
178HDFCAMC:EQ1x 3xCalculate
179HDFCBANK:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
180HDFCLIFE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
181HEIDELBERG:EQ1x 3xCalculate
182HEROMOTOCO:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
183HEXAWARE:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
184HGS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
185HIKAL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
186HINDALCO:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
187HINDCOPPER:EQ1x 3xCalculate
188HINDPETRO:EQ1x 9xCalculate
189HINDUNILVR:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
190HINDZINC:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
191HONAUT:EQ1x 3xCalculate
192HSCL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
193HSIL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
194HUDCO:EQ1x 3xCalculate
195IBULHSGFIN:EQ1x 6.3xCalculate
196ICICIBANK:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
197ICICIGI:EQ1x 3xCalculate
198ICICINIFTY:EQ1x 3xCalculate
199ICICIPRULI:EQ1x 9.1xCalculate
200IDBI:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
201IDEA:EQ1x 5xCalculate
202IDFC:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
203IDFCFIRSTB:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
204IEX:EQ1x 3xCalculate
205IFCI:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
206IGL:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
207IGPL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
208INDHOTEL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
209INDIACEM:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
210INDIANB:EQ1x 11xCalculate
211INDIGO:EQ1x 10xCalculate
212INDUSINDBK:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
213INFIBEAM:EQ1x 2.6xCalculate
214INFRATEL:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
215INFY:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
216INOXLEISUR:EQ1x 3xCalculate
217INOXWIND:EQ1x 3xCalculate
218INTELLECT:EQ1x 3xCalculate
219IOB:EQ1x 3xCalculate
220IOC:EQ1x 8.3xCalculate
221IPCALAB:EQ1x 3xCalculate
222IRB:EQ1x 11xCalculate
223ITC:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
224ITDCEM:EQ1x 3xCalculate
225JAGRAN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
226JAICORPLTD:EQ1x 3xCalculate
227JAMNAAUTO:EQ1x 3xCalculate
228JAYAGROGN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
229JAYSREETEA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
230JETAIRWAYS:EQ1x 5.9xCalculate
231JINDALSTEL:EQ1x 11xCalculate
232JINDWORLD:EQ1x 3xCalculate
233JISLJALEQS:EQ1x 11xCalculate
234JKCEMENT:EQ1x 3xCalculate
235JKPAPER:EQ1x 3xCalculate
236JKTYRE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
237JMFINANCIL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
238JPASSOCIAT:EQ1x 5xCalculate
239JSLHISAR:EQ1x 3xCalculate
240JSWENERGY:EQ1x 3xCalculate
241JSWSTEEL:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
242JUBILANT:EQ1x 3xCalculate
243JUBLFOOD:EQ1x 5xCalculate
244JUSTDIAL:EQ1x 10xCalculate
245JYOTHYLAB:EQ1x 3xCalculate
246KAJARIACER:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
247KALPATPOWR:EQ1x 3xCalculate
248KANSAINER:EQ1x 3xCalculate
249KARURVYSYA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
250KEC:EQ1x 3xCalculate
251KEI:EQ1x 3xCalculate
252KHADIM:EQ1x 3xCalculate
253KILITCH:EQ1x 3xCalculate
254KIRIINDUS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
255KOTAKBANK:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
256KOTAKNIFTY:EQ1x 3xCalculate
257KPIT:EQ1x 5xCalculate
258KRIDHANINF:EQ1x 3xCalculate
259KSCL:EQ1x 5xCalculate
260KTKBANK:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
261L&TFH:EQ1x 11xCalculate
262LALPATHLAB:EQ1x 3xCalculate
263LIBERTSHOE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
264LICHSGFIN:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
265LINCOLN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
266LIQUIDBEES:EQ1x 10xCalculate
267LOVABLE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
268LT:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
269LUPIN:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
270M&M:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
271M&MFIN:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
272M50:EQ1x 3xCalculate
273MAGMA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
274MAHINDCIE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
275MAHLOG:EQ1x 3xCalculate
276MAHSEAMLES:EQ1x 3xCalculate
277MAJESCO:EQ1x 3xCalculate
278MANALIPETC:EQ1x 3xCalculate
279MANAPPURAM:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
280MANGTIMBER:EQ1x 3xCalculate
281MANINDS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
282MANINFRA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
283MARICO:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
284MARKSANS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
285MARUTI:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
286MASFIN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
287MASTEK:EQ1x 3xCalculate
288MATRIMONY:EQ1x 3xCalculate
289MCDOWELL-N:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
290MCLEODRUSS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
291MCX:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
292MEGH:EQ1x 3xCalculate
293MFSL:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
294MGL:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
295MIDHANI:EQ1x 3xCalculate
296MINDACORP:EQ1x 3xCalculate
297MINDAIND:EQ1x 3xCalculate
298MINDTREE:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
299MMTC:EQ1x 3xCalculate
300MOIL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
301MOLDTKPAC:EQ1x 3xCalculate
302MOREPENLAB:EQ1x 3xCalculate
303MOTHERSUMI:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
304MPHASIS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
305MRF:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
306MRPL:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
307MUKANDLTD:EQ1x 3xCalculate
308MUNJALAU:EQ1x 3xCalculate
309MUTHOOTFIN:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
310NATCOPHARM:EQ1x 3xCalculate
311NATIONALUM:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
312NAUKRI:EQ1x 3xCalculate
313NAVINFLUOR:EQ1x 3xCalculate
314NAVNETEDUL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
315NBCC:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
316NCC:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
317NESTLEIND:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
318NETWORK18:EQ1x 3xCalculate
319NFL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
320NH:EQ1x 3xCalculate
321NHPC:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
322NIACL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
323NIFTYBEES:EQ1x 10xCalculate
324NIITLTD:EQ1x 3xCalculate
325NIITTECH:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
326NLCINDIA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
327NMDC:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
328NOCIL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
329NRBBEARING:EQ1x 3xCalculate
330NTPC:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
331OBEROIRLTY:EQ1x 3xCalculate
332OFSS:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
333OIL:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
334OMAXE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
335ONGC:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
336ORIENTBANK:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
337ORIENTCEM:EQ1x 3xCalculate
338PAGEIND:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
339PAPERPROD:EQ1x 3xCalculate
340PARAGMILK:EQ1x 3xCalculate
341PATELENG:EQ1x 3xCalculate
342PCJEWELLER:EQ1x 7.1xCalculate
343PEL:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
344PERSISTENT:EQ1x 3xCalculate
345PETRONET:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
346PFC:EQ1x 11xCalculate
347PFIZER:EQ1x 3xCalculate
348PGHH:EQ1x 3xCalculate
349PHILIPCARB:EQ1x 3xCalculate
350PHOENIXLTD:EQ1x 3xCalculate
351PIDILITIND:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
352PIIND:EQ1x 3xCalculate
353PNB:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
354PNBGILTS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
355PNBHOUSING:EQ1x 3xCalculate
356POLYPLEX:EQ1x 3xCalculate
357POWERGRID:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
358PRAJIND:EQ1x 3xCalculate
359PRESTIGE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
360PTC:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
361PURVA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
362PVR:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
363QUICKHEAL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
364RADICO:EQ1x 3xCalculate
365RADIOCITY:EQ1x 3xCalculate
366RAJESHEXPO:EQ1x 3xCalculate
367RALLIS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
368RAMCOCEM:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
369RAMCOIND:EQ1x 3xCalculate
370RAMKY:EQ1x 3xCalculate
371RAYMOND:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
372RBLBANK:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
373RCF:EQ1x 3xCalculate
374RCOM:EQ1x 3xCalculate
375RECLTD:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
376RELAXO:EQ1x 3xCalculate
377RELCAPITAL:EQ1x 5xCalculate
378RELIANCE:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
379RELINFRA:EQ1x 5xCalculate
380REPCOHOME:EQ1x 11xCalculate
381RICOAUTO:EQ1x 3xCalculate
382RIIL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
383RKFORGE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
384RPOWER:EQ1x 5xCalculate
385SADBHAV:EQ1x 3xCalculate
386SAIL:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
387SAKUMA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
388SALASAR:EQ1x 3xCalculate
389SALZERELEC:EQ1x 3xCalculate
390SANGHIIND:EQ1x 3xCalculate
391SANGHVIMOV:EQ1x 3xCalculate
392SANOFI:EQ1x 3xCalculate
393SAREGAMA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
394SATIN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
395SBILIFE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
396SBIN:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
397SCHAEFFLER:EQ1x 3xCalculate
398SCHAND:EQ1x 3xCalculate
399SCHNEIDER:EQ1x 3xCalculate
400SCI:EQ1x 3xCalculate
401SELAN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
402SEQUENT:EQ1x 3xCalculate
403SHARDAMOTR:EQ1x 3xCalculate
404SHREECEM:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
405SHRIRAMCIT:EQ1x 3xCalculate
406SIEMENS:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
407SIMPLEXINF:EQ1x 3xCalculate
408SINTEX:EQ1x 3xCalculate
409SIS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
410SJVN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
411SKFINDIA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
412SNOWMAN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
413SOBHA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
414SOLARINDS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
415SOUTHBANK:EQ1x 11xCalculate
416SPARC:EQ1x 3xCalculate
417SPTL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
418SREINFRA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
419SRF:EQ1x 5xCalculate
420SRTRANSFIN:EQ1x 11xCalculate
421STAR:EQ1x 3xCalculate
422STARPAPER:EQ1x 3xCalculate
423STCINDIA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
424STRTECH:EQ1x 3xCalculate
425SUNDARMFIN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
426SUNDRMFAST:EQ1x 3xCalculate
427SUNPHARMA:EQ1x 9xCalculate
428SUNTECK:EQ1x 3xCalculate
429SUNTV:EQ1x 11xCalculate
430SUPREMEIND:EQ1x 3xCalculate
431SUVEN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
432SUZLON:EQ1x 5xCalculate
433SWANENERGY:EQ1x 3xCalculate
434SYNDIBANK:EQ1x 11xCalculate
435SYNGENE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
436TAKE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
437TALWALKARS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
438TANLA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
439TATACHEM:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
440TATACOFFEE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
441TATACOMM:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
442TATAELXSI:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
443TATAGLOBAL:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
444TATAINVEST:EQ1x 3xCalculate
445TATAMOTORS:EQ1x 3xCalculate
446TATAMTRDVR:EQ1x 3xCalculate
447TATAPOWER:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
448TATASPONGE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
449TATASTEEL:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
450TBZ:EQ1x 3xCalculate
451TCI:EQ1x 3xCalculate
452TCS:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
453TECHM:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
454TEJASNET:EQ1x 3xCalculate
455TEXMOPIPES:EQ1x 3xCalculate
456TEXRAIL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
457THERMAX:EQ1x 3xCalculate
458THOMASCOOK:EQ1x 3xCalculate
459THYROCARE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
460TIFIN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
461TIMETECHNO:EQ1x 3xCalculate
462TINPLATE:EQ1x 3xCalculate
463TIRUMALCHM:EQ1x 3xCalculate
464TITAN:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
465TNPETRO:EQ1x 3xCalculate
466TNPL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
467TORNTPHARM:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
468TORNTPOWER:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
469TRENT:EQ1x 3xCalculate
470TRIDENT:EQ1x 3xCalculate
471TRIGYN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
472TRIVENI:EQ1x 3xCalculate
473TTKPRESTIG:EQ1x 3xCalculate
474TV18BRDCST:EQ1x 11xCalculate
475TVSMOTOR:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
476TWL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
477UBL:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
478UCOBANK:EQ1x 3xCalculate
479UJJIVAN:EQ1x 9xCalculate
480ULTRACEMCO:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
481UNIONBANK:EQ1x 11xCalculate
482UNIVCABLES:EQ1x 3xCalculate
483UPL:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
484USHAMART:EQ1x 3xCalculate
485VEDL:EQ1x 5xCalculate
486VGUARD:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
487VIJAYABANK:EQ1x 3xCalculate
488VIPCLOTHNG:EQ1x 3xCalculate
489VIPIND:EQ1x 3xCalculate
490VOLTAS:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
491VTL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
492WABCOINDIA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
493WALCHANNAG:EQ1x 3xCalculate
494WELCORP:EQ1x 3xCalculate
495WELENT:EQ1x 3xCalculate
496WELSPUNIND:EQ1x 3xCalculate
497WHIRLPOOL:EQ1x 3xCalculate
498WINDMACHIN:EQ1x 3xCalculate
499WIPRO:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
500WOCKPHARMA:EQ1x 12.5xCalculate
501WONDERLA:EQ1x 3xCalculate
502YESBANK:EQ1x 3xCalculate
503ZEEL:EQ1x 5xCalculate
Product typeNameUsed for
CNCCash and Carry Delivery trade using CNC with no leverage. Once bought, shares will get delivered to your demat account and if sold, shares will get debited from your demat account.
MISMargin Intraday Square off Intraday trade using MIS for additional leverage between 9:15 AM and 3:20 PM. All open MIS positions get squared off from 3:20 PM.
COCover Order Please use the Bracket Order & Cover Order calculator for CO calculations

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