Top 10 Discount Brokers in India
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Top 10 Discount Brokers in India [Updated List]

There are many discount brokers in India, Investor have to choose right stock broker based on their requirement. We will try to help you here give points keep in mind for choosing the best online discount broker and give also you a list of top 10 discount brokers in India.

What is Discount Brokerage?

Discount Brokerage Concept Lunched in India 2010. Discount Broker is who offer lowest Brokerage for buy and sell stocks to the client. However Discount brokers not provide investment advice or research analyst report to their client. Discount broker mainly client base is online client. They provide online trading terminal to their client to trade.

What stock broking is all about lets understand till 2002 the entire industry was in paper form but after 2002 the industry adopted digitalization as in everything is in digital format for the ease of clients to bring transparency with the digitalization of stock broking all the investments are in digital format.

Since decades our broking industry have been charging client percentage based brokerage in 2010 new revolution came in our broking industry where discount broking came into existence discount broking is where a fixed brokerage is charged per executed order and some brokers to revolutionize more have started giving delivery brokerage free. Initially this concept faced lot of hurdles as the acceptance was not there in the market but now more than 50 discount stock brokers are there into existence in India where they charge different brokerage and more focus is on technology and customer awareness. Let us see the top 10 discount brokers in India as they are customer centric.
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Here we compare top 10 discount stock brokerage firms in India

There is two type of Broker in industry basically

Full-service broker: Full service brokerage basically traditional Offline Broker where client can visit branch,  Sit trade , use brokers advisory service – Traditional broker offer almost all kind of investment option

Discount Broker: Discount Broker in India is basically Online broker where client open trading account online , use there online trading platform and trade him self

There are few Leading Full Service broker also offer online trading like – Motilal Oswal , Angle Broking , Sharekhan , Edelwise& many more … but there brokerage are quit high compare to discount broker in india Like Zerodha – Discount Brokerage , RKSV , SAS online.

Now days, Discount Broker Spread their wings in Broking.

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Here we are trying to give you few points which you need to watch before Choosing a Broker.

  • Brokerage
  • Availability
  • Trading Platfrom
  • Broker Background
  • Customer Support
  • Product they offer

Step By Step Guide how to select right Broker for you

Compare Top Discount Brokers in India and Select Best Stock Broker

List of Discount BrokersAccount Opening Charges Maintenance ChargesBrokerage in NSE all SegmentsBrokerage in MCX all segmentsIntraday LeverageDelivery Leverage Margin
Exposures in MIS(CNC)
ZerodhaRs 200Rs 300Rs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lowerRs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lowerUpto 20 times1x for CNC
RKSVRs 200Rs 150 per yearRs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lowerRs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lowerUpto 20 times1X for CNC
SAMCOZeroRs 400/yearRs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lowerRs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lowerUpto 15 times for3X for CNC
SAS OnlineRs 300Rs. 200Rs 9/tradeRs 9/tradeUpto 20 times3X for CNC
Trade Smart onlineRs 200Rs. 300Rs 15/executed orderRs 15/executed orderUpto 5 times3X for CNC
5PaisaRs. 650(1 time)Rs. 400/yearRs 10 /executed orderTrading in MCX  is not availableUpto 15 Times2X for CNC
Trade JiniRs. 300Rs 300/yearRs 20/executed orderRs 20 per executed order˜Upto 20 Times1X for CNC
ProstocksZeroRs. 1000Rs. 15/executed orderTrading in MCX  is not availableUpto 5 times1X for CNC
FyersZeroRs. 400/yearRs 20 /executed orderTrading in MCX  is not availableUpto 15 times1X for CNC

1. Zerodha

It leads the chart in top 10 stock brokers in India it has a client base of 6 lakh clients  they charge flat Rs 20 per exe order and the are the few with their own in house software pi and chart base trading.

  • 1st Discount Broker in India. Pioneer of Discount Broking concept in India
  • Zero Delivery Brokerage
  • 20 or 0.01% whichever is lowest brokerage in all other segment.
  • Best Trading Platform – Zerodha Kite Web – Mobile ,Zerodha PI
  • 1st In India 10 Regional Language Trading Platform
  • India’s 1st Thematic Investment Product – Smallcase
  • Zerodha Coin – Online Direct Mutual Fund Platfrom( saveupto 28 lacs in 25yrs go direct mutual fund )
  • Zerodha Varsity – Knowledge HUB ( Interactive Blog )
  • Trading QnA – Platform for all trader and investor query
  • 22 Branch Office , 500 + Support Team

2. 5 Paisa

5paisa is Discount Broking Arm of India Infoline.  is backed by one of the leading financial services companies IIFL. India Infoline, the parent company, was incorporated in 1995. IIFL group offers wide range of financial products through over 1000 branches. 5Paisa re-lunched in 2015.

  • Flat brokerage of Rs 10 for Equity Cash, F&O and Currency derivative.
  • 5paisa Robo Advisory
  • Online Trading – Trade in Stocks, Futures & Options and Currencies at NSE and BSE.
  • Free Mutual Fund Investment Account and automated personalized advisory to invest in Mutual Fund.
  • Single app for all investment – Equity Trading & mutual fund investment , IPO
  • Online Insurance –term, life, auto and health.
  • Easy to use HTML base trading platform Web & Mobile.

3. Upstox

upstox has their own mobile software with trading,fundtransfer,chart base trading they charge flat Rs20  brokerage and zero delivery brokerage  .

  • Rs 20 Lowest Brokerage in all Segment
  • Free Delivery Brokerage – NSE , BSE
  • Own frontend trading platform – Upstox Pro – Web & Mobile
  • Mutual Fund Investment Platform
  • Average Customer support

4. Samco

In 2008 Samco start his journey. With 23762 client Samco top 3 in discount broking league.

  • Highest Leverage
  • 20 per order Brokerage in Stocks , Future , Option , Commodities
  • Delivery Funding upto 4x with interested charged
  • Lowest Margin Requirement
  • Weekly outlook from CEO desk


SAS online offers the cheapest brokerage flat Rs9 per executed order they started their operations in also provides its customer with monthly unlimited plans like 499 and 699.

  • Rs 9 Flat per trade or Rs 999 month choice is yours
  • 20000+ Trading member
  • 7000 + Cr daily turnover
  • Advance Trading Platform – Alpha Trader


Rkglobal  first started its capital market business in year 2004 than later they started discount broking with a mere brokerage of 9 per lot the lowest in market a that time.

  • Low Account Opening Charges
  • 999 Rs – Monthly or 9 Rs Per Trade Brokerage Offer
  • In-house Research Team – Research Report
  • 7 support Office – Decent Customer support team


TRADEJINI is the latest entry in the discoutn broking thei founders with 3 decades of experience have made a extraordianry presence by customer service.

  • Rs 20 Maximum Brokerage in all segment
  • High Exposure and leverage in Intraday
  • 1st 50 trade free
  • Nest Trader – Web – Mobile Trading Platform – third-party trading platform
  • Other investment option Available

8. Astha Trade

Aastha Trade being a discount broker gives research reports and trading calls they charge 0.001% in intraday and 0.01% in delivery brokerage they have a prompt customer service and astha trade give 40 times exposure in intraday

9. TradeSmart

Trade smart online is a subsidiary of a well renowned existing broker VNS FINANCIAL CAPITAL SERVICES LIMITED THEY CHARGE 0.007% OR RS 20 whichever is lower and to accommodate clients they have fixed monthly brokerage plans also


They are old players in the market with a changed name originally trade plus online was Navia markets limited which was established in 1983 they have zero brokerage plans in commodities in Rs99 per month. Above this they have 5 year and 10 year AMC plans for demat at a nominal cost


My value trade is a trusted name from master trust they provide flat Rs10 brokerage and also have unlimited monthly and yearly plans for clients ranging from 1000p/m to 10000/year plans

Above are Top 10 Best Discount Broker in India and their comparison, Now you can select right broker for as per requirements. Still you confused allow us to call you and help you to find best Discount Broker for your.

Compare Leading Discount Brokers in India

Company NameSegment2014201520162017Dec-18
ZERODHAONLINE D3037961970165586602493847016
SOUTH ASIAN STOCKS LTD.ONLINE D4091643693841488212637

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