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Dear Investor ,

1st time in India Zerodha launch Zero Brokerage for Delivery base trading Yes , you read it right!!!

If you are investor or Trader , Zerodha is best Broking firm for you

Why ?

Zerodha Brokerage 

Delivery : ( 0 %) Zero Brokerage!!

Trader / F&O Client : Rs 0.01% or Rs 20. Per Executed Order. ( irrespective Lot Size or Trade Qty)

Zerodha Start revolution  before 5 yr when he was started Flat Brokerage for Per executed Order, Now Broking business is moving on the new way : Zero Delivery Brokerage.

Zerodha ( Zero + Rodha ) Zero Barrier for Delivery Investor as well as For Trader.

Zerodha Pi, Kite , Q &  Quant is waiting for you.

Pay as you trade

You pay brokerage for each trade, mostly a fraction of your trade value. For example, you may come across a broker who charges 0.5%, or 50 paise for every Rs 100 worth of shares for delivery trade. Of course, some put a minimum brokerage amount, say Rs 25. So if you buy shares of Rs 50,000, you will end up paying the higher of the minimum brokerage ( Rs 25) or the brokerage at 0.5% i.e. Rs 250.

In addition to Rs 250, you will also have to pay statutory dues such as securities transaction tax, service tax on brokerage and other levies. For intraday trade, the rate can be 5 paise per Rs 100 traded. “Under no circumstances can the brokerage exceed 2.5%,” adds Subhash Sharma.

Compare Zerodha vs Other leading Broker



For any further Query feel free to call us :

Gujarat : 08866502020 / 08460302020

Delhi : 09953212020 / 09310092020

Mumbai : 08655212020



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