compare zerodha vs upstoxZerodha vs RKSV/UPSTOX Brokerage Charges

Here we are comparing India’s top 2 Discount BrokerZerodha started is Discount Broking Module in India in 2010 where Upstox ( RKSV – Company name ) were stated Discount broking in 2012.

Zerodha vs Upstox Brokerage Comparison is not that matter because both are office same Brokerage. Zero Delivery Brokerage & Rs 20 Per executive order in other segments.

  • Client Base
  • Financial Balance sheet
  • Branch Network
  • Technical Trading Tool

Above Parameters will discussed and take decision which broker best for your Zerodha vs Upstox
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Compare Online Broker – RKSV/UPSTOX vs Zerodha

Zerodha: is pioneered the discount broking model in India. 

  • Technical Trading Tool 

Zerodha Kite – web and mobile build for pro trader – intuitive responsive light trading platform. 100+ Technical Indicator , 6 different chat types , 19+ drawing tools, pop-out chat menu helps you to track stock and trade like pro trader. in-built news bulletin give you live market update. Zerodha Kite – Connect is API base module where you can code and trade from our own software directly without login trading platform. Compare Scripts is give you idea which stocks out performing in day or week times.

Zerodha Pi – desktop base trading platform. Directly trade from chart, backtest, Scanner, code and trade – semi algoz is tools for pro trader. Zerodha Pi have plugin features where you can plug and sent trading single from Leading Charting platform like Amibroker, Metastock, Meta trader, Ninja.

  • Branch Network – 22 Branch Office , 90 + Partner Office in Pan India
  • Financial Balance Sheet – Zerodha is profitable venture from 1st Quarter FY 15 – 16 PAT – 44 Cr.
  • Client Base – over 6 lacs Client are supporting Zerodha to come in top 3 Best Broking Company in India. 

Upstox: Ravi & Raghu Started Discount Broking Company with Shrini in 2012. Upstox are backed by India’s Best Venture capital – Kalaari , GVK Davix&Ratan Tata

  • Technical Trading Tool – Upstox Pro one of best best and simple UI web base trading terminal – Upstox Pro also have Android and IOS mobile app.
  • Branch Network – 2 Branch Office ,12 Partner offices in India
  • Client Base – Upstox has more then 1 lac client base
  • Financial Balance Sheet – Upstox struggling to come in Profitable startup

Compare Brokeage charges between RKSV/UPSTOX vs Zerodha

Compare right stock broker which suits your requirements its very tough task our comparison between Zerodha vs UPSTOX securities help you to find which Broker best for you.

Best Broker Comparison – Zerodha vs RKSV/UPSTOX

Incororation Year20102012
Active Clients Jan – 1984701681166
Account Opening
Trading Account Opening Fee₹ 200₹ 200
Brokerage Account AMC₹ 0₹ 0
Demat Account Opening Fee₹ 100₹ 100
Demat Account AMC *₹ 300₹ 300
Monthly FeeNANA
Equity Delivery₹0 (Zero)₹ 0
Equity Intraday₹0.01% to maximum Rs 20 Per Order0.01% to maximum Rs 20 Per Order
Equity Future₹20 per order₹ 20
Equity Options₹20 per order₹ 20
Currency Futures₹20 per order₹ 20
Currency Options₹20 per order₹ 20
Commodity₹20 per order₹ 20
Turnover Charges
Equity DeliveryRs 325 per croreNSE ₹325
Equity IntradayRs 325 per croreNSE ₹325
Equity Future *Rs 210 per croreNSE ₹210
Equity Options *Rs 5300 per croreNSE ₹5500
Currency Futures *Rs 135 per croreNSE ₹150
Currency OptionsRs 4400 per croreNSE ₹6000
CommodityNAMCX ₹260/Cr
Other Charges
Minimum Brokerage₹N/A₹ 20
Call & Trade₹20 per executed order₹20 per trade
Stamp Duty *Charges as per the state of residenceCharges as per the state of residence
DP Charges (on sell side)₹13.5 per scrip₹15 per debit instruction + depository charges at actual
Intraday365 Days22 Days
EOD10 yr10yrs


Research & TipsNONO
Equity Intradayup to 20 timesUpto 20 times
Equity DeliveryCASH AND CARRYNo leverage
Futureup to 7 times ( Intraday )upto 4 times ( Intraday)
OptionShorting 7 times ( Intraday )Shorting upto 4 times for intraday
Currency Future2 times intradayupto 4 times ( Intraday)
Currency Option2 times intraday – Short4 times intraday – Short
Commodities3 times intraday3 times intraday

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