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SasOnline: SAS Online is an online discount brokerage firm offering brokerage services for stocks, future and options, currency and commodities at NSE, BSE and MCX exchanges.Incorporated in 1995

SAS Online (South Asian Stocks Ltd) started their online discount brokerage business in April 2013.

Pro :

  • Lowest Brokerage Offered Plan – Rs 9 Per order or Rs 999 for Month
  • Refer and Earn Benefit

Con :

  • Centralized Support Centre : Delhi
  • Not advance Technical Trading terminal.

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Zerodha :

It leads the chart in discount brokers in India it has a client base of 7 lakh clients  they charge flat Rs 20 per exe order and the are the few with their own in house software pi and chart base trading. With UCC activation of 641682 Zerodha is 2nd largest Broking house in India.

1st Discount Broker in India. Pioneer of Discount Broking concept in India.


  • Zero Delivery Brokerage in Equity segment &Rs 20 or 0.01% whichever is lowest Brokerage in F&O , Commodity and Currency segment.
  • Zerodha Kite – Pi – India’s best Trading Platform for Active trader. Zerodha kite web, mobile available in Android as well as IOS. Pi – exe base trading platform where you can code , scan , back test your trading strategy before you apply in stock market
  • Zerodha – Varsity offer you in-depth knowledge about stock market trading. How to read balance sheet, how to trade in option market , how to find best pair – trading stocks , Trading and money management methods and many more.
  • Zerodha – Coin India’s 1st Direct investment mutual fund product offered by stock broker. Where you can save upto 28 lacs in 25yrs. ( calculation base on exp difference between direct mutual fund and regular mutual fund )
  • Kite – Connect India’s 1st Eco system where you can create your own trading platform and trade directly from there with help of KITE API.
  • 23 Branch Network and 6 Support call n trade offices you can reach easily. 1000+ support staff ever-ready to help you in your query.

Con :

  • No Margin Funding Facilities available

Compare Brokerage charges between Zerodha vs Sasonline

Compare right stock broker which suits your requirements its very tough task our comparison between Zerodha vs Sasonline securities help you to find which Broker best for you.

Best Broker Comparison  Zerodha vs Sasonline

Incororation Year20101995
Active Clients Oct – 1784701612637
Account Opening
Trading Account Opening Fee₹ 200₹ 300
Brokerage Account AMC₹ 0₹ 0
Demat Account Opening Fee₹ 100₹ 300
Demat Account AMC *₹ 300₹ 300
Monthly FeeNANA
Equity Delivery₹0 (Zero)₹ 9
Equity Intraday₹0.01% to maximum Rs 20 Per Order₹ 9
Equity Future₹20 per order₹ 9
Equity Options₹20 per order₹ 9
Currency Futures₹20 per order₹ 9
Currency Options₹20 per order₹ 9
Commodity₹20 per order₹ 9
Turnover Charges
Equity Delivery₹325 per croreNSE ₹325
Equity Intraday₹325 per croreNSE ₹325
Equity Future *₹210 per croreNSE ₹250
Equity Options *₹5300 per croreNSE ₹6500
Currency Futures *₹135 per crore₹ 165
Currency Options₹4400 per crore₹ 6,000
CommodityMCX ₹270/CrMCX ₹360/Cr
Other Charges
Minimum Brokerage₹N/A₹N/A
Call & Trade₹20 per executed order₹20 per executed order
Stamp Duty *Charges as per the state of residenceCharges as per the state of residence
DP Charges (on sell side)₹13.5 per scrip₹13.5 Per Scrip
Intraday365 Days5 Days ( NEST )
EOD10 yr5 Days ( NEST )


Research & TipsNONO
Equity Intradayup to 20 timesup to 20 times
Futureup to 7 times ( Intraday )up to 5 times ( Intraday )
OptionShorting 7 times ( Intraday )Shorting 2 times ( Intraday )
Currency Future2 times intraday2 times intraday
Currency Option2 times intraday – Short
Commodities3 times intraday5 times intraday

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